Consequential head scratching

[Unproofed/ramble warning]. When the cascade of consequences of incessant people watching and head scratching with all the WHY? Why? Whys? and Hows? combines with being artist produces a phd, I find this to be an unexpected pleasant perk not predicted by early life performance.

The downside of incessant thinking and questioning is a constant stream of desirous rabbit trails I have to put off to hone in and produce a written diss document. Yet the rabbit trails tug my mind down convoluted holes anyway, distracting me from my dissy honing. Combined with concerning working memory fails Or overload, returning to honeiness is laughable and riddled with audible linguistic ejaculants–curse words undisclosed here (JL Austin)–downloaded from mind and frustration. Cursing is clearly not hampered by mental memory mash ups and often is the most decipherable language spilling from my lips.

Damn downsampling and downloading mental archives and the necessary narrowing for diss docs! Hence a scientific approach to my task with a doable three manuscript diss is by far easier than a philosophical diss doc which would be an utter nightmare for a dastardly large cluster fuck of a tome.

Damn l memory which oft reads with the accessibility of a redacted Mueller Report.

When do I get to make art again! Now! My need to make in real space as a way of cogitating is a necessary condition of soundnessadditionally my research suggests i need to get back to writing as artist as well, as it improves working memory, cog flexibility and fluidity, reduces intrusive thinking, while buffering particular psychological inconveniences common amongst the creative.